SCRIW X (South Carolina Robotics Invitational and Workshops 2021)

Update 7/21: Formal event announcement is here in the thread.

The following email was sent to leaders of teams that competed at SCRIW in 2018 or 2019:

Hello, recent SCRIW teams!

It’s been an incredibly challenging year and some change for all of us, and we hope you’ve been staying safe and healthy. Now that FIRST Headquarters has issued some guidance for off-season events, we have some things to announce with regard to the Carolinas’ longest-running off-season competition.

What we are announcing:

  • SCRIW X will be held October 23, 2021, at Dreher High School in Columbia, SC if the creek don’t rise. We will be playing INFINITE RECHARGE on an official FIRST Robotics Competition field.

What we are not announcing:

  • Pricing. While we don’t run SCRIW to make a ton of money, we do have to make sure it covers the expenses. We’re waiting to hear back on a few big-ticket expenses before announcing our prices for 2021.
  • The opening of registration. It doesn’t feel right to make you sign up before you know what you’re paying, so we won’t. Fear not, we still intend to have a solid window of time for everyone to get a chance to register.
  • Specifics on changes or restrictions. This year, FIRST is requiring all events using their fields to be approved in advance—and to submit details on their plans to comply with local COVID-19 protocols, youth protection guidelines, and more. We hope the world looks much better come October, but we will make a plan we can live with and ensure it’s approved before sharing with you.

Keep the masks on, get vaccinated if you’re eligible, and we’ll share more information with you when it becomes available.


Billfred Leverette

SCRIW Planning Committee


But it might fall from the sky. BT, DT. :wink:

We’re talking about SCRIW X here, not SCRIW V!

(That year’s floods were the genesis of the mentor match, which has raised a few thousand bucks for various causes.)

Metal in Motion is looking forward to returning to SCRIW in 2021. Please add us to your email list even though we were unable to attend in 2018 or 2019.


didnt want to call it SCRIIIIIIIIIIW?
but also, hi, 342 will be there lol

3506 planning to attend!


After much discussion among the planning committee and consulting with our venue and school leadership, we have details to share about the tenth annual South Carolina Robotics Invitational and Workshops.

SCRIW (finally!) Celebrates A Decade of Inspiration

SCRIW is the longest-running off-season event in the Carolinas. We will be playing the 2021 flavor of INFINITE RECHARGE on an official FIRST Robotics Competition field in a one-day event format, and we’ll be pairing it with perhaps our greatest lineup of workshops yet. With virtually every team putting new faces in new places for 2022, it will be a phenomenal opportunity to give new students and mentors a taste of the FIRST experience.

And yes, the mentor match for charity will be back.

SCRIW X Event Guidelines

Everyone on the SCRIW Planning Committee is committed to putting on an event with safety in the forefront. Because we are holding the event in a public school in South Carolina, we are bound by the policies of Richland School District One. And Richland One is itself bound by South Carolina law and budget provisos, that mean some things must be “make your grandmother proud” rather than “required”.

You can read the full event guidelines here.

Registration for SCRIW X

Registration for SCRIW is now open at We have capacity for 27 robots.

We arrived at pricing for this year based on our own (increased) costs and (tighter) payment deadlines, but we work hard to keep the barriers to entry low.

  • Standard registration is $400, as long as payment is postmarked by October 15.
  • Registration postmarked after October 15, or received on the day of the event, is $500.
  • B-team entries will be $250. You can indicate one on the registration form; we’ll confirm B-teams on September 1 to ensure everyone has a chance to field their primary robot.
  • 2022 rookie teams compete on the house, as always.

We are crossing our fingers just like we have for over a year, but we’ve missed seeing the FIRST community in and around South Carolina. Keep the masks up, get vaccinated if you can, and we look forward to seeing you in October.


Well, that was quick. We’ve already added our first four (and almost certainly five) robots! Welcome 342, Burning Magnetos (and a B-team), 343, Metal In Motion, our first-ever Chesapeake team 5724, Spartan Robotics, and of course the home team 2815, Blue Devil Mechanics!

Number Team
342 Burning Magnetos
343 Metal In Motion
2815 Blue Devil Mechanics
5724 Spartan Robotics
B-Teams to be confirmed September 1
9999 342 B-Team

23 spots left! Register today at the freshly-overhauled!

Also, to the registered teams: working on invoices right now. The website overhaul had to be shoved through urgently. Sorry!

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