SCRRF 12/9 & 16 Rookie Workshops


I’m hoping that you can help. Our team, RAWC, (the Robotics Alliance of West
Covina), #968, will be hosting two nights of workshops, similar to those at
Northridge, but intended for rookie teams and/or students. The information
will be very basic (so that no one goes into ‘overload’ ), class size will
be small, and will include time for questions and answers.

Originally we intended this to be for our own rookies, knowing that they
couldn’t get to all of the workshops at Northridge that they wanted to, and
most of our rookies seemed overwhelmed by the vast amounts of info at each.
Then we realized that our workshops may be helpful to other teams (or
individual students) as well, so we decided to offer them to anyone who
wishes to join us.

We will be hosting the workshops on Monday, December 9, and Monday, December
16. Both nights will run from 7-9:00, with three sessions running
simultaneously each night. Each session will last about one hour and will
then repeat, so those attending may attend two (of the three) sessions per
night. The attachment lists which seesions will be held each night.

All we ask from other teams is some warning as to (about) how many to expect
each night. The attached flyer has contact info. Also, we do need a reply BY
THE FRIDAY BEFORE EACH SESSION, AT 3:15, or we cannot guarantee adequate
space, handouts or refreshments.

If you could help us get the word out, we would be very appreciative. I
realize this is short notice, but we only recently thought about opening it
up to others. Let me know if there is something (else) I can/need to do.

Bob Anderson
Team 968
West Covina HS

RAWC is holding workshops on robot basics. These are intended for rookie
teams and new FIRST team members, however all are welcome to attend.

We are holding two workshop days with three different workshops each
evening. Participants will be able to attend two of the three workshops each
night. The schedule is:

Dec. 9, 2002
Workshop 1 Anatomy Of A Robot
Workshop 2 Basic Tools and Shop Safety
Workshop 3 The Things FIRST Never Told You About (designed for leaders
and advisors)

Dec. 16, 2002
Workshop 1 Drive-Trains
Workshop 2 How To Setup and Use The Robot Control System
Workshop 3 Basic Electrical Operations (wiring, soldering, crimping, etc.)

Time 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM on both workshop days(Room opens for refreshments
at 6:30 PM)

Please RSVP by Friday, December 6, 2002, 3:15 PM to inform us of the number
of people you would like to bring to the December 9th workshop so that we
can have all materials ready for those attending. For the December 16th
workshop, please respond by Friday, December 13th , 3:15 PM.

You may contact us by email at or by phone at
(626) 859-2900 ext.2968.

Sincerely on behalf of Team 968,

Robert D. Anderson