[SCRRF]: Chatsworth Fall Classic Question

hmmm im not sure about this yet but id rather know now than later, team 702 might show up at the fall classic but our 2004 robot isnt our favorite by any means. functional but not worth the trouble of hauling it around.

were planning on making a Practice robot, just to teach the new kids how to do things, we were planning on making it to specs for the 2004 game or maybe a previous year, i was wondering if we were to complete a competing robot by chatsworth would the Scrrf or Chatsworth allow for us to play with the practice robot at the event agsint all the other 2004 robots? , it would be totally up to specs with the FIRST rules, just build at a different time.

Just want to make the members motivated and moving towards a goal of seeing there robot run.

Thanks in Advance

-Osc On 702-

That’s a very good question. I’d sure like to know too because we have two robots in the works. (Not designed for FIRST Frenzy) but at least maybe we could run 'em a little. Or, howabout the return of Heather, our 2003 robot? Oh, yes, you know her. Heather was one bad girl. Bright pink and green flags, pink bumpers, absolutely terroizing the Stack Attack field, yep, that’s the one. Just wait until she gets her hands on FIRST Frenzy. It will be more like FIRST, run for your lives then Frenzy. hehehe

i remember that bot, i loved that robot trully superior even if it was thru sheer force and ability instead of clever mechanisms and weird strategies (I LOVE YOUR ROBOT) lol u got cheated tho against 60. oh wells , make another one plz… no matter what the game is i bet u can win with just that robot

Okay… I have no authority whatsoever on this … so I won’t say a thing :smiley:

I’d like to add another question to this, though. Our team’s OI (the one that you plug the joysticks into… UI, right? Haha, I think that’s it… it’s been too long of a summer without using those terms :stuck_out_tongue: (edit: err … UI => OI)) is really messed up and works only off and on… we’ve tried to fix it numerous times, but… yeah, it doesn’t get any better.

This is one of the reasons (if not the only one?) we’re probably not going to the Chatsworth Fall Classic… BUT. This is my question:

Would there be any “extra” OI or anything at Chatsworth? Just something we could borrow and use at least during the games? I sort of doubt it, but it can’t hurt to ask, right?

I’d personally love if we could attend, but… with a constantly malfunctioning OI, it doesn’t seem worth it. Plus, it’d mess up the games we play in and everything (we lost a couple of matches at Regionals simply because our OI screwed up on us in the middle of the game). So… yep.

And if I wasn’t supposed to ask this under this thread (and this isn’t directed at you, SpaceOsc … rather, at anyone who’d know the answer to the question), I’m sorry. I just figured - hey, a thread with a question on the Chatsworth Fall Classic… it should be okay to add another one to it!

Again, apologies if I shouldn’t have done this!

(edit) OOPS… so I DID get it wrong! It’s OI, not UI … everything’s changed accordingly. Thanks SpaceOsc!


I would say yes, but would rather Wendy Wooten gave the final answer. I’ll let you know what she says.

[quote=n0cturnalxb]though. Our team’s UI (the one that you plug the joysticks into… UI, right? Haha, I think that’s it… it’s been too long of a summer without using those terms :P)

All right, thanks :slight_smile:

Heather was great, and I have a piece of her foam in my room somewhere. Anyways, I wouldn’t call it cheated (team 294 was a part of that match), because the rule interpretation was valid (although it kept us from going to nationals) and the referees interpretation is final. Anyways, I hope everyone has a good time at the fall classic.


Indeed. We plan on having a faster turnaround time for each match. Stop by and say hi to me, I’ll be announcing and wearing my trusty ChiefD badge :slight_smile:

There is no problem what so ever with bringing a new robot that uses the FIRST rules. We are actually doing that too. We are making a robot to test a new gearbox and we will be using that at the comp.

I saw Wendy at WESCON yesterday, Mark wasn’t there. I asked her. She said to come, and hopefully someone will have an extra one, or borrowing one for your match can be worked out.

its official the bagel bytes wont be attending, due to our head coaches not being able to make it,so yeahs i still wanna go but i have no way to get there and even if someone could bump me a ride i i dunno if i could go



Can anyone take digi pics and post them later?

Aw, so sorry that your team cannot go. I’d swing by but I’m a far ways away from you…however, I will be sure to have my camera avaliable to take plenty of pictures :slight_smile:

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Not being able to go - that sucks - but if my team goes, I’ll be sure to take pictures and upload them!

I’m hoping parents will drive you, the coaches don’t have to be there. This is more informal than regionals. There’ll be plenty of help.