SCRRF - check out NEMO

Welcome to our launch of NEMO!

FIRST NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) was created by Jenny Beatty (Team 007 in Md), Kathie Kentfield (Team 173 in Conn.) and Cheryl Miller (Team 294 in Calif.) to provide a support forum for FIRST Adult Mentors on diverse non-technical subjects such as team organization, fundraising, parent involvement, and community relations.

NEMO will be open to adults mentors, including engineers, teachers and college students (who may be the only mentors on their teams) . We understand that there will be some overlap with other FIRST groups. But it is mainly a support group and information exchange for those non-engineering mentors who help with all the behind the scene glue that holds the teams together. Travel (hotels, endless meals), parent involvement, fundraising, business plans, dealing with the FIRST logistics. All the “unfun” stuff, as one of the student’s labeled it. We hope to seek out all the NEMO’s who don’t realize they are part of a large community. We hope to announce NEMO at the team forums.

We want to start keeping statistics on NEMO’s and how many there are and their skills and background. We want to make it easier for rookies, so they don’t have to reinvent stuff that others already have learned, sometimes the hard way. We want to help FIRST get constructive comments from a group of NEMO’s. We have met many NEMO’s over the past 3 years. We have a lot to learn from each other.

To join, you have to sign up to be a member on
Once a member on Chief Delphi, contact Red Head Jokes (Cheryl), KathieK (Kathie) or Robomom007(me) by private message or email to sign up. This forum is private and will only be visible to members under the forums for "FIRST-related Organizations.

Thanks to Chief Delphi for allowing us the meeting room. Please help us spread the word.

Jenny Beatty
Parkville Robotics
Baltimore, Maryland