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Southern California Robotics Regional Forum is a committee formed by US FIRST robotics teams in Southern California. Originating in Chatsworth, the Forum was formed after the 2001 FIRST Robotics season in the spirit of sharing and helping in the FIRST community. It is the goal of SCRRF to provide a way for Southern California teams, both rookie and veteran, to get help and to share opinions so that the experience can be improved for everyone.

Together as a group, SCRRF hosts the fall classic as well as various workshops through out the months before kickoffs to help teams prepare for the coming year of competition.

Beside the events and workshops, teams in SCRRF have formed a sense of FIRST community, making their experience so much more enjoyable.

About our sub forum in the Chief Delphi Forum

With the growing size of SCRRF and its work, more and more discussions are needed in making decisions and planning for events. Getting 200 e-mails a day talking about an up-coming event no longer have its appeal anymore. That is why we asked Chief Delphi to help us take advantage of online forums to improve the process.

Meanwhile, the SCRRF web team is working really hard to update the website, as well as creating our own forum. This Chief Delphi Forum will work as an additional place of online discussion while our talented webmasters put their endless hours into

When the SCRRF online forum is ready to go, most online discussions will move to there instead, using this forum to show the rest of FIRST community the progress of SCRRF, as well as making announcements of events that might benefit teams outside of SCRRF. This way, we can take advantage of many features in the Chief Delphi forum that our web masters might not have the time for (members profile, private message system, e-mails, the portal page, etc.).

Reasons to set up a website and Chief Delphi forums:

-Show other people across the country how things are done in your organization.

-Get more recognition from FIRST teams & FIRST

-More organized discussion compare to endless e-mails and replies

-Continue discussions after monthly/weekly meetings

-Less likely to get flooded by e-mails from within the organization

-Allow people who can’t make the meetings participate in discussions

-A good record of discussions for later references

Cheryl Miller in charge of contact list and demographics for regional grant apps