SCRRF Meeting Thu 7p 1/16/03

Agenda for December S.C.R.R.F. Organization Meeting
Thursday January 16th, 2003

NOTE: We are all very busy so it will be limited to 2 hours.

To be held at: Hosted by the Immaculate Heart Robotics Team Thursday January
16th at 7:00 p.m.
5515 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028
located on the corner of Franklin and Western Avenues in Hollywood, California

  1. Review and Approve Last Month’s Minutes - last month’s minutes will
    be found on the website for review.

  2. Old Business
    a. Rookie Teams - Discussion about mentor participation and
    other non-technical issues.
    b. Development Committee - moved to committee reports

  3. New Business
    a. Chatsworth Event on Feb. 16th. - Discussion about event and
    all the details.

  4. Committee Reports
    a. Events Committee
    b. Development Committee

  5. Announcements - Next Meeting will be discussed.

  6. Adjourn

Hi Cheryl,

Here are some topics that I would like to add to the new business:

Would it be OK if Nancy McIntyre collects a list of Educators who
would like to put together a summer camp at Northridge and El Camino
College in the South Bay. I envision the summer camps to be six weeks
long with two week sections. Students can sign up for all three
sections or any combination. Nancy can get a list of teachers who
might be interested in organizing and teaching during the summer
camps. Each teacher would be responsible for only one two week
section. We hope to work with SMI and Ralph Mills in putting these
together. I also want to start up a summer camp program for middle
school teachers and students.

I recently talked with Kenn Phillips from the San Fernando Valley
Economic Alliance. He thinks we can get the Convention Center for
next year’s competition for next to nothing. The only cost would be
for bringing in bleachers. He is also interested in bringing together
several business leaders to watch the event this year and possibly
help pay next year. This might be a great way to have a Robotics
Conference along with a competition. We will also need volunteers to
help put together the education conference next year.

I would like to get a gage on interest for developing a robotics
League in Southern California. I would like to invite Mike McIntyre
to a SCRFF meeting. He has put together a league in Michagan and can
tell us how to set one up here.

Thanks for the help,