[SCRRF]: SERVO Magazine

FIRST Team 1079 has been featured in the past 3 issues and the December issue will be the 4th and last “part” of the article.

Thanks, Cheryl.

It is true. SERVO magazine, THE robotics magazine which is all robots all the time, asked our team to write a series of articles that chronicled our team’s experience this year. The articles are written by the team members and are from their viewpoint. Naturally I am very proud of the job they have done.

One of the many really cool things about SERVO magazine is that since it only deals with robotics, all aspects of this ever-expanding field are explored through the articles and editorials. The advertisements are also excellent and provide a great source for all levels of robotic kits and projects.

Go check it out. For more information you can visit www.servomagazine.com

Hmmmm, wouldn’t a subscription be a wonderful holiday gift…

Bill Woolley

Great job Team 1079! A subscription WOULD be a great holiday gift!


Perhaps I’m just missing something but on servo’s website I don’t see any links to articles. Do you have any direct links? If not, then can a scanned in copy or typed text or something be posted here on CD? I’d sure like to read it. Thanks.

I included the SERVO magazine website address to hopefully whet everyone’s appetite so they would want to subscribe to this great magazine. There are no links to full articles, just small teasers.

I will not scan and post the articles since, as was discussed a little bit ago in an earlier thread, we need to do the right thing with the media outlets that support FIRST. I know that you, and all other FIRST team members, will truly enjoy the articles so you will need to subscribe to the magazine in order to see them. I know that I keep repeating myself and it is because I am thrilled that we who love robotics finally now have a magazine that is only about robots. All levels and all types.

Here is another teaser. 696 is mentioned in the December issue…


I suppose that makes sense. If it was available online, there wouldn’t be as many subscribers. I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye out for it under the Christmas tree. :slight_smile:

Great articles!!! Thanks for the props for 812 also! You all should be very proud.