Today, I was a bit down so I decided to watch some Scrubs, because when it doubt JD, Turk, and Blond Doctor could always anyone up. Anyways, after viewing all of the episodes of season six today I realized that the show has become a drug to me, and after doing some research I discovered they are finishing the show off with a final seventh season. Is anyone else excited about what is going to happen? (Please see the last episode). Do you think after 7 seasons they will have covered everything that JD has the potential to destroy/make worst? How about him with with Blond Doctor and Kim? And do you think Dr. Cox will have any more cuts in the middle of the night in this next season?

Not so sure about whether or not that 7th season is actualy going to happen. Two weeks ago the NYT reported that NBC may be cutting scrubs at this season due to the cost ( in particular the new salary that zach braff requested) but word on the street from all of my scrub fan friends is that the writters own the show not the network which leaves open the oppertunity for someone smarter than NBC to pick it up.

I really hope that Scrubs makes it to season 7, and I really hope for more then that. I love the show its funny and creative and always good for a few laughs after a bad day.

Taken from Zach’s blog:

We just wrapped the 6th season of Scrubs!!! Fear not, when we ended there were about 9 episodes finished waiting for their chance to air. Yes I have signed up for another year. Although tales of my new “arrangement” have not been very accurate. Needless to say, I am in and it will happen as long as NBC renews us for another season; which they have yet to do. ABC which actually owns the show (through Touchstone) has said that if NBC doesn’t pick it up, they will for what would be the final season. So, I feel pretty optimistic that it will happen. All the actors and writers want it to happen.

Scrubs is one of my favorite shows to watch. It never fails to cheer me up when I’m feeling down. It’s filled with many good lessons and truths I think. There’s a certain something special about scrubs, to me at least.