SD540C controllers not found by Configuration Tool

Hello CD,

We are having some trouble with our SD540C mindsensors controllers.

We are using 3 SD540C motor controllers this year along with various TalonSRX controllers. Everything is wired through CAN and we are having no issues finding the Talons through the NI Web Dashboard. The mindsensors are showing a red power light (good) but are not visible through either the web dashboard or the mindsensor configuration tool. We are connected to our roboRio through USB and have the driver station application open with communications to the robot. On opening the configuration tool (which crashes most of the time) we successfully connect to the Rio but get a “No devices found :(” message.

We found this thread and were able to locate the command line tools. When running clcp_sd540c scan, we were getting a “No devices found” error but occasionally finding a device at ID 3. We were able to set the ID of that device to 50 and now get a combination of “error”, “3”, “50”, and “3, 50”. We are still unable to find any devices through the configuration tool.


We are unable to locate the documentation or man pages for this command line tool. Any help would be greatly appreciated.