SDS 16t pinion alternatives

We are looking to switch a set of L2 Mk4i modules with neo pinions, to L2 with the 16t drive pinion and krakens. We already have a set of 16t plates and pinions for neo shafts, and are unsure of what we need to make the switch. The kraken version of this kit is sold out, but could we use these gears from WCP instead?


Thanks in advance!

Yes, in fact the gears in the SDS kit are manufactured by WCP.


You’ll also want some Kraken spacers.

Your Neo kit featured a push on retaining ring which does not work as well on a Kraken shaft. Using proper Kraken spacers with a 10-32 x 1/2" long BHCS in the end (243 blue loctited in) is preferred IMO.

For one drivebase (4 drive motors):
WCP-1404 1/8" 5pack at least qty 2
WCP-1405 1/4" 5pack at least qty 1


Awesome, thanks to both of you!

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We 3d printed our Kraken spacers and it held up just fine. Obviously, the more reliable way would be to use the properly manufactured spacers, but its held its own and had zero issues, just needs a reasonable amount of infill for rigidity.

So it looks like the 14t pinions for steering are out of stock, would we be able to use a 14t center distance gear with different teeth? I’m mostly not sure if that’s how center distance works, not worried about turning power.

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This would work and we have 14T’s coming in later this month.


Yes that pinion would mesh and work. You’d have to update the gear ratio in code to reflect that change.

I haven’t looked at logs to see how often the swerve azimuth is using the top end speed of the steering motor. Switching to a smaller pinion here will lower that and could be a problem if the steering is expecting to be able to change orientation really fast.

I expect it will be ok, however.

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