SDS MK swerve drive and deploying issues

Probably missing something basic, but I am not a programmer by trade and we are stumped. The code seems to build ok and appears to deploy.

Using SDS Swerve Drive template with encoders, team number, etc set for out team not working.
NI game tools stable release (2021.3.1?) VS Code 1.5

Executing task: gradlew deploy -PteamNumber=3603 --offline“C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2021\jdk” <

Task :discoverRoborio
Discovering Target roborio
Using admin@ for target roborio

Task :deployNativeLibsRoborio
Artifact skipped…

Task :deployJreRoborio
-C-> if [[ -f “/usr/local/frc/JRE/bin/java” ]]; then echo OK; else echo MISSING; fi @ /tmp
-[0]-> OK

Artifact skipped…

Task :deployRoborioCommandsRoborio
-C-> sed -i -e ‘s/^StartupDLLs/;StartupDLLs/’ /etc/natinst/share/ni-rt.ini @ /home/lvuser

Task :deployFrcStaticFileDeployRoborio
-C-> mkdir -p @ /home/lvuser/deploy
1 file(s) are up-to-date and were not deployed

Task :deployFrcJavaRoborio
-C-> . /etc/profile.d/; /usr/local/frc/bin/ -t 2> /dev/null @ /home/lvuser
1 file(s) are up-to-date and were not deployed
-C-> echo '/usr/local/frc/JRE/bin/java -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -Djava.library.path=/usr/local/frc/third-party/lib -Djava.lang.invoke.stringConcat=BC_SB -jar “/home/lvuser/Swerve_v.2021-12.jar” ’ > /home/lvuser/robotCommand @ /home/lvuser
-C-> chmod +x /home/lvuser/robotCommand; chown lvuser /home/lvuser/robotCommand @ /home/lvuser
-C-> chmod +x “/home/lvuser/Swerve_v.2021-12.jar”; chown lvuser “/home/lvuser/Swerve_v.2021-12.jar” @ /home/lvuser
-C-> sync @ /home/lvuser
-C-> . /etc/profile.d/; /usr/local/frc/bin/ -t -r 2> /dev/null @ /home/lvuser

Task :deployNativeZipRoborio
29 file(s) are up-to-date and were not deployed
-C-> chmod -R 777 “/usr/local/frc/third-party/lib” || true; chown -R lvuser:ni “/usr/local/frc/third-party/lib” @ /usr/local/frc/third-party/lib
-C-> ldconfig @ /usr/local/frc/third-party/lib

roboRio is showing No Code and of course lots of errors then in Driver Station. I re-deployed last spring’s code worked fine except our offsets changed by 90 degrees for some reason. Changed them and everything broken since. Updated firmware and 2021.3 re-imaged rio with same results.


RioLog text file

The GitHub links don’t work—permissions issue?

JRE deploy is only done the first deploy to a newly imaged Rio.

Should be public now. Thanks!

The key error appears to be right at the top of the log. It looks like the Falcon 500 isn’t responding to configuration commands. Check your assigned CAN address and CAN wiring.

Unhandled exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to configure Falcon 500: SigNotUpdated

Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. Turns out the IDs for CANcoder and TalonFX (Falcon 500s) were the same. I was reusing some of last year’s code including IDs and assumed those IDs were good. Changed them and everything was fine.

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