SDS Mk4: has anyone tried a NEO550?

What it says on the tin :wink:

Has anyone tried putting a NEO550 as the steering motor on a SDS MK4? It looks like you need more step down, ASSUMING the NEO is working hard. 2.6:1 would get you the same stall torque.
SDS is 12.8:1 steering ratio and the MAX swerve is 46.42:1. Maybe a crossover plate that has a CIM pattern looking down and a UltraPlanetary pattern looking up, and graft on the 32DP 15 tooth pinion. Maybe use Nick’s trick of swapping out the output shaft to a custom part…

The 550 steer is one of the things I really like about the Rev MAXswerve and Nick Coussins’ designs.

Thoughts? Jeers? Cheers?

Given that a NEO550 only costs $20 less than a full size NEO, I have to question why would want to do this. Surely a gearbox would cost more than that to get it to work correctly.

The main advantage of the 550 in the REV swerve is that it’s a lot more compact overall than a full NEO. As an add-on to an existing module, I’m not sure it makes sense.


Neo550’s burn phases when you look at them funny. Only slightly exaggerating, I had 25A current limits on three in 2020 and by the end of our 21 offseason we’d replaced 9… My students didn’t tell me they were burning until we were on the 6th which was a training issue on my end.

I love them, but they’re superstructure only for me…

Lower efficiency, and you’ll lose more efficiency through the gearbox. And once you add the gearbox the weight savings would be minor. The bigger brushless motors are just going to work out better when using a swerve module in this size.

We really like the NEO 550 but unless the compactness is 100% needed we are looking more in more at just using the bigger counterparts.

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This. We’ve burned so many that any getting installed have to pass the sniff test to insure they aren’t toasted. We also watched a team fry a swerve in play offs when carpet prevented it from turning for a match. We fried one in thrifty serve when a mounting bolt came loose and prevented the module from turning. We stay away from them now if possible.

They are good motors, if used very carefully. We used them on our arm extend and wrist. Both of which burned out once during the session.


The encoder cable on them uses an even smaller gauge than the NEO as well. I’ve managed to rip 3 data cables off when a motor was being serviced or mishandled, compared to only 1 for a NEO (with a much larger sample size). I hate that silly cable with a passion.

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