SDS MK4 NEO motor does not turn gear


We have the SDS Mk4 with NEO motors. After assembling our modules and running the code we realized the wheels weren’t steering.

Eventually we were able to figure out that for the modules, the steer motors do spin, but the gear that sits on the NEO shaft is not spinning (the shaft is not catching with the gear on the shaft. The gear doesn’t have a slot for a machine key).

We were thinking of just gluing the gear onto the shaft (or the gear to the retainer clip), but we weren’t sure if this was the best option.

Has anyone had this issue before, or does anyone have any other options?


Search CD for “NEO” and “Loctite”.

Known issue, known solution.

Check the press fit on the new shaft, our solution was to buy the falcon gears and then drill and ream them ourselves but the locktite works too.

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