SDS MK4 Swerve Module

Swerve Drive Specialties is excited to release our next swerve module iteration, the MK4 module. The MK4 is an upgraded version of the MK3 module offered at an even better price.

MK4 product page (estimated to begin shipping August of 2021)


As many teams put more drive time on their SDS modules an area of improvement that has been identified is tread wear. One of the most common requests from our customers has been a wider wheel. The MK4 uses our new 1.5” width billet wheel. This wheel is 50% wider than the wheels used on our previous modules.

To accommodate the wider wheel a new 1.5 module 45:15 bevel gear set was developed. The 45T gear is recessed into the wheel for better protection. Compared to the 60T gear used on our previous modules, the 45T bevel gear is simpler and smaller. This results in the bevel gear weighing and costing less. We have passed along this cost savings to our customers. The price point for MK4 module starts at $300 including the billet wheel. This is $25 less than the MK3 module. Despite the MK4 module having a wider wheel than the MK3 it weighs about the same because of the less bulky bevel gear. The new bevel gears are available for individual purchase.

Machining video for the MK4 billet wheel

The MK4 module is available in 4 different drive ratios. The L1 and L2 ratios are appropriate for full weight robots. The L3 and L4 ratios are for light-weight mini bots.

MK2 to MK4 and MK3 to MK4 Upgrade kits are also available.

MK4 Assembly video

Backordered MK3 modules are scheduled to ship the week of June 20th. Anyone with backordered MK3 modules who would like to change their order to MK4 modules (estimated to ship in August), please let me know and I will edit the order and refund the cost difference.


no more spacers for NEOs?


The NEO versions include the spacer to set the drive pinion in the correct position. The motor spacer situation is the same as the MK2 and MK3 modules. If you would like to avoid shortening the motor shafts the motor spacers are recommended.

thanks! guess I didnt read the product page as well as I thought

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Absolutely love the MK4, can’t wait to give this upgrade a whirl. Once again, amazing work Patrick!




Can’t wait to receive our MK3 order, and great to see more neat stuff being released with backwards compatibility!

This feature is appreciated Patrick!! Hope to give the MK4 upgrade a spin after we get the base under our belt this summer.


Finally I can say this with confidence. My wallet is ready


Thank you for the MK4 module preorders. The gears are finished being machined and will be in transit from our supplier soon. We are on track to ship preordered MK4 modules the week of August 9th.

MK4 billet wheel precut and drilled replacement treads have been added to the website.

If anyone would like to add replacement treads to their preorder please let me know and I can add them to the order with no increase in shipping cost.


Patrick, any shipping status updates or barring that, cool pictures to share?



The MK4 gears are scheduled to deliver Tuesday. Unfortunately some of the bearings ordered almost 2 months ago are stuck in the logjam at the seaport. It’s just the common commodity bearings. I have plenty of the big thin section bearings in stock. Hopefully that shipment gets moving soon. As a countermeasure I recently placed an additional order of all the bearings needed to cover all the preorders with express shipping (airplane). One way or another bearings will be here soon. I’m still confident that modules will be shipped before the end of August.

All the in-house machined components are ready to go. Below are some parts photos.


SDS has the best machined part photos. Hands down.


And cat photos too, apparently.



Khajiit has wares if you have coin


Cat for scale.


Nah… that’s just quality control inspecting the product. I mean look at that serious look on his face. Clearly, he is taking his job quite seriously.


It sure looks like “in-house machined” was literal… :wink:


do we get a cat with our order of SDS mk4’s?


I really don’t mean to be impatient, but has anyone recieved an update on their preorder? I ordered in June and the last update said that orders in that time slot would be shipped by the end of August. Just checking to assure its not a technical issue on my end. Thanks everyone.

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I’m sure Patrick will chime in shortly, but it looks like his last update from 2 weeks ago is the most info available right now.

And that update would suggest whats going by the sounds of things is a large shipping delay from overseas.

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The first order of bearings have not been unloaded off of the ship. The second order (shipped by air) has landed in the US, cleared customs, and is scheduled to be delivered on Monday. These are the last parts needed to ship the August ship date preorders. Lots of orders will be going out this week.