SDS MK4 Swerve Module

The last 36 hours has been really productive. The bearings were received and we started boxing things up. Many of you should have received shipping notifications. If you haven’t yet, there are still a few orders that will be going out in the next couple days.

Box of bearings

Kitting modules

Modules in their induvial boxes. Billet wheels are separate.

Whenever I’m sending out a bunch of modules I like to fully test assemble one of them. This is like the final triple check to make sure all the parts are included and everything fits together correctly. I’m really happy with how the MK4 modules turned out. The fit and finish is the best yet and the gear train is buttery smooth.

More cat photos. Every new box needs to be investigated.


Masterpiece of engineering!

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I love the branded belt. Can’t wait to get our modules!


Totally missed this little detail, and absolutely love it!


Hey @PatrickW, will the listings of the MK4 modules/upgrade kits be changed to on-order/backorder soon? Our school has a no pre-order policy for purchases, so we haven’t been able to place an order yet on either the upgrade kits or the modules themselves.

Thanks, and looking forward to using these soon!


This is a good point. Since MK4 modules have started shipping I’ve changed the preorder to backorder. Orders placed now will be using gears that are currently in transit by sea. They shipped about a month ago and are likely on a boat just off the coast waiting its turn to be unloaded. I am hopeful that these will be received in September, however, it is difficult to say for sure due to the extended shipping times these days. On a side note, the bearings that were coming by sea have been unloaded and are on their way. We’re going to have enough bearings for a long time.


You say that, but I don’t believe it for some reason.

orders another 20 modules


I’m more concerned about his supply of cats running out. :wink:


@PatrickW we received our modules, so far everything looks great. We can’t wait to assemble them!


We received ours as well. We were marveling over how nice everything is last night. Can’t wait to put them together!


@MCarroll94 @JohnFogarty Thank You! Would love to see photos of the modules assembled as well.



Did a dry run assembly today with one of the modules. I wanted to make sure we got little stuff like motor spacers correct before we apply the thread locker.

This is my first SDS module to assemble and the fit on each part was impeccable. It assembled extremely smoothly and quickly. I was extremely impressed with the machine quality that these parts had, kinda bummed that they’ll be hidden deep in our robot.

Attached is a picture.



That, sir, is a thing of beauty!


We installed 4 assembled modules in a frame last night. Can’t wait to wire it up and get it running.

Has anyone come up with an alternative to using 1/4-20 bolts to attach to the frame? If we fully populated the frame with 32X 1/4-20x2.5 inch socket head cap screws, that’s a lot of steel.


You could set rivnuts in the top of the frame rails, which will allow you to use very short 1/4-20 screws and avoid crushing the frame rails.


The plates in the swerve modules are tapped 1/4-20. This was a nasty surprise. The CAD models show .201 smooth through holes, so we had planned on screwing into tapped holes on the frame rails with short #10-32 screws.

Can you counter bore on the opposite 1” side of the frame member? It would allow you to use a much smaller 1/4-20. That’s what we plan to use.


You could run #10-32 through with nylocks for a bit of weight savings.

Or drill and retap larger to then install #10-32 inserts.


We were considering installing 8-32 locking keenserts. But then the part is no longer stock and can’t be used during the season.

I’m guessing this is where we’ll eventually land. Run a SHCS up from below and either use locktite or cap it with a locknut for vibration protection.

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