SDS mk4i L3 Gearsets for Sale?


We are running L3 but asking for another team:

Are any teams willing to sell a full set of L3 Gearset for the SDS mk4i? Willing to temporarily trade for L2 until more L3 are available.

If yes, please shoot me a PM! Price/trade negotiable.

Hopefully someone out there who is unable to attend Worlds is willing to swap.

Thank you,

Just a reminder for teams as well, if you find a team with the standard gearing on the MK3 Module, the double gear is the same as the L3 gear. 5460 did this and confirmed there were no issues. @PDunc

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In addition, if you have a CNC router and a mill, it is possible to remake the motor mounting plate to move the drive motor over enough to allow a 16 tooth pinion to be installed, essentially giving you an L3.


we did this aswell and it worked amazingly well for us. ran them through all of colorado with no issues or premature wear.

I was just thinking about this, this is actually not possible if your motors are in the inverted position as the main plate has an exact spot for the motor