SDS Swerve code without Cancoder

Has anyone modified the Team364 BaseFalconSwerve (SDS Module) code to work without a Cancoder? Looking for a way to make our existing modules work (at least for testing) since we can’t really get the modules in time (backorder issue). We have dual falcon drives today that are “similar” in context, but based on mechanical construction are impossible to run with a cancoder as an external encoder.

Any input/thoughts would be most helpful!

The CANCoders are only needed so that you don’t have to have your modules at a known position at the start of every match. You can modify the code to run the module rotation PID off of the integrated motor encoders instead of the CANCoders and that’ll work. The only thing is you have to ensure your modules all start at the 0 position when you turn on your robot or you have some other way of getting your modules initialization position.

Thanks. The team got it working tonight!!

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