Sds swerve mk4 - 3 motors

there is someone that have changed the sds mk4 from 2 to motors to 3 motors ?


i saw that, but its the mk4i :slight_smile:


I’m sure you can, but I’m not sure anyone has made a modification in CAD yet.

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Oops. Wrong Link.

I have tried it in geometry ro see if it posible but it seems like some more 10mm needed :frowning:

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You may have to change the gearing as well.
It’s definitely possible, but you will probably need to do more than just change the top plate.

Yeah :pensive: I don’t love it because it’s the double gear

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Ah, well you’ll at least want a larger pinion on the motors for a faster gearing so you can go faster.
I’m more knowledgeable with Maxswerve then SDS Mk4s.

Yeah I will change some gears,
how is the overall experience with that ?

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It’s pretty much the experience of most people on CD, you need to use aluminum wheels for tread, make sure you assemble it right. I love how small and light it is. It’s quite a bit harder to modify it for two drive motors than SDS MK4is, but the necessity of that is questionable for all but the teams who have already improved everything else. It’s always a fun design challenge though.

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Earlier on the thread the first iteration is using the MK4 not the MK4i but it had a lot of downsides… mostly the clearance of the falcons to the ground if you were to run it…

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