SE MI teams: Trailer down to Atlanta?

Hey all -

Team 573, the Mech Warriors, are wondering if any teams in the southeast Michigan area are sending a trailer down to Atlanta next week and by any chance have space for an extra toolbox and a few other random things.

Thanks for your time.

  • Lisa

The HOT team is, if you wish me to inquire of our trailer room status, i can, just tell me. See ya in Atlanta!

Lisa, the Martians are sending a Sprinter van. I will be picking up the van Tuesday afternoon,loading at Goodrich High School in the evening. How large is the tool box and the extras? We should have plenty of room and would like to help out. BIG ED

anna~marie and BIG ED, I forwarded this thread to our moderator, and hopefully we will have details (if any) figured out soon. Thank you so much for your time.