SE Michigan Practice Field for loan?

We are losing our practice building which has graciously been donated to us for the past four years. We have a full practice field that needs a new home. I am hoping at some point that we will find another space, but it will not be anytime soon. I am hoping there is a local area team(SE Michigan) that has a large space and would be looking to set up a practice field. My proposal is that you would take our field(extra rolls of carpet and probably some mice included at no charge) give it a good home for a couple years and then if we end up building a glorious STEM center(looking at you Hemlock!) we could get it back from you. The constant field elements(drivers stations and walls) are aluminum and steel, you would be welcome to our infinite recharge sections as well as two boiler tops from steamworks:)
Message me if you think we can work this out, they want us out by the end of the year.


Sorry to hear that you are losing your practice building. We, 226, thank you for being a gracious host in allowing us to practice in your building in the past several years.


Moderator note: The OP reports that the field has been spoken for.

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