Seam failure - Andy Mark 4” Compliant Wheel - Maroon


Has anyone else had failure along a “spoke” seam? All 4 wheels and our two replacements have had failure in same exact place.

Just us or is this a common problem?


Have you contacted andymark about this? If not one of their staff members is most likely going to see this but it’s still worth an email. We’re you spinning these very fast? If yes, do you know what RPM you were running the wheels at?


There’s an easy way to make sure one of them sees this. Right, @Andy_Baker?

I’m not aware of any of our compliant wheels failing but then again I don’t think we’re running any 4" maroons.


We had this happen to a few of our 4" maroon wheels last year. (Maybe 2 out of the ~10 that we used throughout the season)


AndyMark have been great. No complaints with them, just the compliant wheels :slight_smile:

Haven’t even used the wheels yet. They appear to be arriving that way. Again, it seems like it is a manufacturing seam that is glued together (or heat seamed). We are changing to another style of wheel to work around the issue.

Thanks for the responses!


If I remember correctly those are molded wheels so there should be no seams. Parting lines, but not actual seams.


Tom, I didn’t think there were “seams” either, believing all were molded, but every wheel failed in the same exact place. Same exact support “spoke.” (You can tell it is the same by a molding line on the hub and what really looks like a seam.) I didn’t take pics of all of them, but all 6 of 6 have same break.


Hi there!

Thanks for giving us this heads up about this. We’re currently investigating this, and will report back soon about what we’ve found. As a precaution, we’ve halted sales of all Maroon (45A) durometer Compliant wheels.



It looks like it could be a moldflow issue with that parting line. My assumption is that the “drop” where the hot rubber enters the mold is the opposite side of that spoke (should see a little circle imprinted)? If that’s the case then my guess would be that the rubber is cooling off too much before the two flow paths connect, resulting in a poor connection at that parting line.


We did this to one last year after we spun it very quickly. It grew at least 2" in diameter and two spokes were broken after we turned it off.

Moral of the story is: Think about what you expect to happen before you turn things on.


Hello again,

After some investigation, we did indeed find an issue with some maroon 45A durometer AndyMark Compliant Wheels. We’re reaching out to our customers who have purchased affected part numbers right now. Please note that other durometers of AndyMark Compliant Wheels are not affected by this issue.

Thanks to @Tsquared for bringing this to our attention.



We had a whole bunch of 4" compliant wheels fail like this last year. Maroon (often multiple spokes) but also a few blue ones. We thought it was just that we were abusing them by pneumatically crushing them into power cubes.


We have the blue one and haven’t seen any failures so far.


We also had many fail like this last year, mainly the green ones. We assumed it was just normal wear and tear as ours were not as smooth of a failure line as that one but more of a rip.


@Nick_Lawrence do we have any estimated time to restock, by any chance?

Got 1 from sometime last year that shows that failure but got shredded by something else, too.