Search By Team Number

Is there any way to search for members on CD by team number? More specifically…I’m looking for anyone from team 931. 234 came home from the Midwest Regional with your flag and we’re trying to figure out how to get it back to you guys. If anybody from that team or who knows how I could get ahold of that team could respond or pm me…that’d be great.

Of course…931 could always just come to the IRI and we could give them their flag there! :slight_smile:

Click Members on the toolbar at the top of the screen, then Search Members in the upper right hand corner of the table that appears, and finally “Advanced Search”.

Remember to search for a four-digit team number.

Click on the members link on the orange menu bar then Search Members, then advanced search. You can enter in the team number there, leaving everything else blank. (Note, you should enter the 4 digit team number, such as 0931, becasue only entering 931 would match 1931, 2931, etc. Not that big of deal with 931, but if you tried 25, you’d also get 125, 225, 1425, etc)

There are several people from 931 registered.