Search for Indented Tubing

We are looking for indented tubing to be used as a sort of pulley for tubing, such as team 973 used in 2012 and 2009 Any name of the product (looks to be purchased, not handmade) or guidance would be appreciated.

Im guessing they purchased some sort of thick wall plastic tube, and used a lathe to add grooves. You could always buy a solid round piece of Delrin and cut grooves into it.

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That looks like it might be ABS tube that’s been grooved on a lathe…

@AdamHeard, you want to weigh in?

That’s correct, I’d advise against this very labor intensive and custom approach though.

I’d either run flat belt on the VersaRoller system, or buy the WCProducts round belt pulleys.

Making your own version of either is viable as well.

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