Searching for Russian speakers in FIRST teams

Hey! I’m looking for russian-speaking FTC or FRC members or mentors, so please let me know if you know someone! Thank you!

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I would suggest tryıng to get ın contact wıth the two Kazakh teams: Almaty Roboman - Team 8420 - The Blue Alliance
Kerneu Robotics - Team 8407 - The Blue Alliance

My understanding is that they speak Russian commonly there.


7039 - XO are all russian speakers if Im not mistaken


Я не говорю по-русски, но могу использовать Google Translate, чтобы притвориться, что знаю … плохо.


доверяй, но проверяй

Trust, but verify


I speak semi-fluent (ish), i’d recommend you contact Israeli teams since ~15% of Israeli Jews are of Russian origin, and every Jewish team here probably has at least one.


Our lead mentor Haim is from Lithuania, so he speaks Russian too.


We have a team member from Ukraine who I’m pretty sure can speak Russian fairly well.

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I could help with this if you’re interested, Israeli teams don’t have a strong CD presence but we’re pretty well connected on other platforms. Depending on how many people you actually need it could be overkill though

Yeah, it would be great! We’re not looking for a certain number of people. The more Russian-speaking Israelis will be interested, the more chances there are to see new FRC teams in other CIS countries!

Okay! It’s great to hear that! Could you share his contact please?

Sent you a PM.

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