Searching Q/A Answers

Has anyone figured out a way to search q/a answers (not questions)? I wanted to find out how many different things “astute observers” need to be watching out for.

And here I thought “astute” was a euphemism for “fart.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t look like answers are searchable directly. However, When a page full of questions shows up, the answers come along with it and are only revealed by a click. This will work, but it’s tedious. ctl-a, ctl-c, open notebook, ctl-v into it, ctl-f astute. I didn’t check to see if you can make superlong pages that would reduce the number of iterations required to cover the territory. Don’t forget to search only “answered” question in the little combo box near the bottom. Maybe you have to be more than astute to get this done easily?

proof of concept accomplished: first page of QAs has three astutes in the answers. Of 388 answers given so far, they take 20 pages to display. Where’s my python when I need it?

They must be “reasonably astute.” We can’t have unreasonably astute observers observing our robots and determining the legality of so many things. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: On topic, it doesn’t look like there is a way to search answers.

I mean seriously, just how astute an observer do you think FIRST can come up with? Do you understand how competitive the market is for astute observers right now? It’s simply impossible to guarantee good quality observers with FIRST’s resources.