Searching the new gear motor PDF

Hello all,

We’ve search for the instructions - how to build the new gear motor.

We will be glad to see some comments,


Team #1690

Could you please be a little more specific as to which gearbox (or motor?) you are refering to?

All of the motor data can be found on the FIRST website, under the “Tips and Good Practices” document.

Information on the Banebot planetary transmissions can be found on the website.


we got in the kits new gear (not like the last year)
we didn’t find any PDF or outher instructions how to connect between the gear box and the CIM motor.
what we are asking if somone have a PDF that describe how to implement this thing.


Instructions for mounting the small (2.5") CIM motor to the 56mm Banebot gearbox can be found in the cardboard box that the gearbox is packed in. If that has been lost already, you can probably get to email you the instructions. (Or, if someone here wants to scan it and send it. I don’t have it here in front of me.)

Good luck,