Season Long Fantasy FIRST

I was wondering if anybody has ever done a season long Fantasy FIRST. The draft would be like the week before regionals start. It could be a 10 or 12 person league. Each person could draft 10 teams, and be forced to start like 7 per week. It would be very similar to Fantasy Football. Let me know if more people are interested. I’d be willing to help organize. Or, if it’s already being done, let me know too. Thanks!

I proposed something in a similar vein that will be coming together later this year. The main difference was that teams are drafted before kickoff, and scoring was done by their average event scores.

Speaking of which…(runs to that thread)

I would be very interested in this. But i think it should be done right after the robots are shipped because then we have a chance to look into the rookie teams bots and such. Also some awards and things should be factored in, like Collins IRI fanstasy first in 2004.

of course, not that complex, but something further than just scores.

that was the spreadsheet from H-E-double hockey sticks. :ahh:

whatever Collin, I am NOT trying to say using it would be good, i was just using it as an example for factoring in MORE components and just score.

You know you would rather work with that than do your actual work in that dungeon of an area you had.

whatever dude…shouldn’t you be working now?


I like this idea a little better than the pre-kickoff one.
Although I think 7/10 teams to start may be a little high. Most teams only go to one regional. I think 5 or 6/10 may be better.

Yeah, we have swayed the “pre kickoff” thread our direction, so I guess this is starting to be a double thread, go here for further responses:

I’ll participate but one thing thats needed, an easy way to score to keep us all up to date. I also think we should take in consideration how many events teams attend.

those could all be factors in who you draft. also, much like fantasy football, if you had fewer than needed teams, or whatever, you could draft from “free agent” teams. if there are 10 people with 10 teams each, that’s only 100 teams…and would leave lots of people available every week.

what if (again like football) you had to start a robot from each region each week (east, southease, midwest, central, west coast) and a flex team (from anywhere) or two.