Season summarize

How you summarize youre CHARGED UP season ?
was it great ? you got some awards ?
youre going to some off-seasons ?
you can add youre robot photo


I won’t speak on behalf of the team, although I’m sure some things will apply to all of COMETS.

I went to 3 district events this season, weeks 1, 3, and 4, and although our week 3 event was something we’d rather ignore, I (and at least a few other COMETS) wholeheartedly believe that it was necessary to eliminate virtually all of Kushida’s mechanical inconsistencies - as far as I know, she had very few mechanical failures for the rest of the season.

I went to States and Worlds for the second year in a row, and had a blast at both of them, from hanging out with friends to eating good food and trading FRC apparel. I will be so happy if we qualify for both of them during Crescendo.

This season, we earned 2 blue banners from district wins and 2 Autonomous awards and 1 Quality award also at district events. I almost couldn’t be happier with our performance at States, as we came just shy of a 3rd banner and qualifying for FiMstein, and although we were the first alliance eliminated on Hopper in Houston, the experience was far more important to me.

As far as I know, we will be attending 4 offseasons this summer: IRI, Rainbow Rumble, Grand Rapids Girls, and WMRI. Although I won’t be able to make IRI and RR, I hope to spend time at GR Girls and WMRI.

If I were to sum up my Charged Up experience in 3 words, they would be friends, shirts, and Quiplash :wink:

Also: here’s our reveal video!


to summarize our teams season

nothing, nothing, nothing, crap it’s past week six and we don’t have a robot, build robot, play smr, make some modifications, win rcr somehow, go to worlds.

in three words: an emotional rollercoaster


well, our season was a bit of a rollercoaster since our lead mentor retired last year. with a team basically full of rookies, we still managed to get a robot working at 10 PM the day before North Shore.
This season was certainly great from an awards standpoint. We won 2x Industrial Design (including at DCMP), Excellence in Engineering at UNH, Dean’s List semi-finalist for the first time in team history (first time we actually submitted for one : P ), and we won our first playoff match in 4 years.
We will be hosting our offseason, Summer Heat, again this year with 5687 and 58. We will most likely go to others as well.

(this picture does not include the LCD screen that connects to the PDHand PCM module. It also houses the RSL.)


To somewhat add on here, not only did we have minimal mechanical failures, we had less than 4 electrical failures for the rest of the competition season. To anyone reading this, pot all of your electrical connections!!! Our second district was also the only time where we had a catastrophic software failure as well, and after that, we picked up our game quite a bit. Although it was unfortunate that it seemed to many that we fell off, it was amazing for the team to work under a time crunch and boost the performance of our robot by that much in the short turn around time we had between our week 3 and week 4.


Great season. Some struggles the first competition, but it was a fantastic second competition. Now we’ll see about off-season events.

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rushed assembly → gcp failure → less rushed assembly → do better at aub

1071’s was fantastic. We had a great group of committed students, and we made a great robot going into our first event. We actually won that event, just the third in our history, and we also won GP there. Our second event was just fine, and we took home Innovation in Control-a team first. Our third and final district went very well. We were an alliance captain, and we also won the FIRST Impact Award. At the DCMP, our robot wasn’t quite as great as some of our district events, but we were happy with it. And then, for just the second time in team history, we won a Regional FIRST Impact Award!

(This isn’t an official statement of the team, etc.)

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