Seasons Greeting email from FIRST

Is the digital Greeting card we all just got from FIRST a hint for the season?
Wishing you an ice year! with a robot ice skating - possibly a hint that a lunacy style floor is coming? :dizzy_face:



On a more serious note, I doubt FIRST would ever repeat a gimmick like that, especially due to the backlash it caused.

could you share the greeting card?

Unless we are playing a “Hockey” game, I hope to never see that surface again!!

If so, forget a Falcon or Neo drive-train! Welcome MiNeo! :rofl:

Top 10 reasons to never have smooth plastic wheels and floors again! Number 1 will shock you!


Please no FRP. The dust!

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Frozen Water game? Canadians have an advantage here.


One word: Hoth.


When snow/ice melts it becomes water. Water game confirmed. There’s no getting away from it.


Just want to point out that the email was from FIRST, not FIRST Robotics Competition. The normal FRC email blasts come from a different email address. Across the programs, FRC is the only one that has not had the game released so far, and the other 3 very much do not have an Ice theme. Take that as you will, and carry on.

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