seat motors and rule M1

is any team positive weither or not its legal to use the 2002 seat motors in the 2003 season as per rule M1

“Individual off-the-shelf components from
previous year’s robots may be re-used to save the cost of re-purchase of these parts.”

This includes motors. If they are the same, then yes.


There is always an if....

Careful. Check rule K1 which says that If a part category does not list the part you wish to use , then it is not allowed.
They put their foot in it here.
I’d wait for an update on this.
Even the old Chipua motor is not really listed.

we checked in the diagram flow chart of what you can use, and old motors, solenoids, or any actuators that are not in the current kit cannot be used at all. so we found that the seats are out. but…they did give you the bendable shafts that mate with the seat motors…very odd

were the seat motors the ones with the belt type gear and the big plastic housing? That would be great for a pulley system.

NO those are window motors, with the big tape with holes, also have good power we used them in 97’ 2 side by side, to lift up a arm 14’. with tire tubes on the arm hope this helps. GOOD LUCK
TEAM 88 TJ2 and MOE