Seattle finals Cascade and Olympic

The Olympic Final match 3 was 68-67 a triple balance to a 2 robot balance for a 1 point win !

Got a link to it?

Match starts around 8:40:00

This is the most competitive I’ve seen the Seattle regionals. I’d like to congratulate 2557, 1425, 2928 on their win and 488, 1983, and 4030 for putting up a great fight on Olympic. I only got to watch F1 on Cascade, but congrats to 2046, 492, and 2471 and 1510, 3711, and 3662 there. I’m hearing the phrase “northwest powerhouse” being thrown around a lot more now, and I’m glad to have been part of this growth in the past 4 years.

Also congrats to 488 and 2046 for their Chairman’s win and Donna Lew and Mr. V for their WFFAs, can’t think of anyone that deserves it more.

We’ll see most of you in Spokane!

Thanks to those that supported us (1425), SOTAbots (2557), and Viking Robotics (2928). Also thanks to Team 2557 SOTAbots for initially picking us for their alliance. You guys ROCK!

Also a huge congratulations goes out to our extremely worthy opponents in the final rounds: Skunkworks Robotics (1983), Team X-Bot (488), and the rookie team NullPointerException (4030). You guys did an amazing job!

The volunteers at this event were amazing… everything went very smooth. Huge thanks to everyone involved, from the referees and field crew, pit administration, inspectors, safety advisors, practice field coordination, judges…

Think about it: a double regional is pretty much half a championship. That’s a lot of volunteers!

Well done, FIRSTWA !

That was an amazing match, and I know it’s still soaking in for me. Thank you so much Sota Bots and Error Code for selecting us for your alliance; and thank you Skunkworks, XBot and NullPointerExeption for having the best match I’ve seen in FIRST.

On behalf of Bear Metal FRC 2046, I would like to express our appreciation to our amazing alliance partners FRC 2471 Team Mean Machine, and FRC 492 Titan Robotics. The Mean Metal Titans worked great.

I would also like to express our admiration for our worthy opponents FRC 1510 Wildcats, FRC 3711 Iron Mustangs and FRC 3662 FrostByte, and to each of the alliances we faced in the eliminations.

JOE5JOE7 what a great photo, you have everthing just perfect.
This match is a classic. Our FIRST team 4061 will see 1983 and 2928 in the Spokane regional April 5th, 6th and 7th. Very excited.

For FIRSTWA to become a power house area, I think we need to go to the Michigan model (also N.J.) districts then regional.
District (2 day event) > District (2 day event)> super regional (3 day) like Seattle has with 2 events at once. You could have both the winners go to worlds. To please the fans they might have the winners of the 2 event meet to have a super regional winner. FIRSTWA has approx. 100 teams now this could work very well.

Well currently, MAR has 99 teams in it. Based on the ranking points that teams accumulate at the two district events that they go to, the top 60 teams get to go to the MAR Regional Championships in Philadelphia, where there is one field. The three winners at Philly, the two (yes, two) Chairman’s award winners, the one EI winner, the RAS winner, and the top 5 ranked teams based on the total amount of ranking points get to advance from Philly to St. Louis. The full details of the MAR system can be found here.

I also want to congratulate FIRST Teams 2046 for winning the Chairman’s Award, FIRST Team 2522 for the Engineering Inspiration Award, FIRST Team 3968 for Rookie All-Star, Highest Rookie Seed and Safety Award and FIRST Teams 2046, 2471, and 492 for winning the championships. Good Luck to you in Saint Louis. Also thanks to runnerups FIRST Teams 1510, 3711 and 3662 for giving us an exciting championship match to watch on the Cascade field.

Probably not the correct thread to post this but …

I think it surprised many of us (esp. the students) that Dean Kamen, Jon Dudas, and Bill Miller came to our double regional. There are many teams here that have never been to the Championships, and so to have a personal visit by these leaders, I’m sure it was an experience they’ll not soon forget.

Did any team get their robot autographed? I saw several students’ team shirt with Dean’s signature on it. It’s always a crowd magnet when Dean roams the pits. :slight_smile:

Here’s the picture Austin linked to.

In addition to the autographs on our robot, which also included our state’s governer (left) and Conrad Ball (bottom) a Boeing executive, our esteemed leader Darren Collins got his head signed by Dean, a picture of which can be found in this blog post recapping our success at the Cascade regional.

Mr. V – of course it had to be on the polycarbonate… your robot has too many triangular holes. :wink:

Congratulations on “the double” and also the WFFA. All the best, and good luck in St.Louis !

I would like to extend our team’s congratulations to all of the great teams that competed on the Cascade and Olympic fields this year!!
You were all amazing!!

Some special recognition for Team 2046 … glad to see you guys got your ticket punched to get to CMP !! TWICE!!! and the WFFA… what a season!!
I wish we could have done it in Portland with you but you certainly made up for it here!!

Thanks to our partners in the Olympic final!! Team 488 and Team 4030…
We had quite a ride … and what an exciting way to finish a competition. thank you both for accepting our invitations to the alliance.

Thanks go to Teams 1425, 2557 and 2928 for pulling off the triple and winning the competition. It sure was exciting and it was a well deserved win for you guys!! Good luck in St, Louis!!

finally… what time is it? 4:88 !!! we were sorry not to win the regional with you but we were really happy to see you win Chairmans!! and get to CMP. and Donna wins the WFFA… how appropriate …
all the best of luck at St. Louis.

Go X-bot … go Bear Metal/TITANS/MEAN MACHINE… go SOTA/ERROR CODE/ and VIKING ROBOTICS!! We are certainly sending some heavy hitters to St. Louis!! We expect great things from all of you!!


And thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, to Kevin Ross, our amazing regional director for making the speech that I had always hoped to hear at a FIRST event.

In many ways it was one of my favorite events ever.

I am particularly pleased to see the high level at which PNW teams are performing, it makes for a fun game to watch.


Hi Jason,

That was a really good speech and I was able to tell Kevin so later that day.

I really appreciated Kevin’s story of kind of wandering for a while before he found his path and think it was great for most kids to hear. Kids have a tendency to think that if they aren’t going straight from high school into a high end university that they have failed. We hear so much about the laser beam kids that never veer from their chosen path, and while that’s ideal it isn’t the only way to success.

I also was lucky enough to hear an astronaut tell the story of how he was excepted as an astronaut candidate after 11 years of applying every year. It doesn’t matter how you get there or how long it takes you, just keep working towards a goal, even if that goal changes 20 times on the way.

Mentor Team Mean Machine 2471
This match sent our team to St. Louis. Best. Day. EVER.