Seattle Regional When?

Anyone out there have a solid idea of the date for the Seattle Regional???Yes, I realize there is no “officially” announced date yet, but someone out there has a good idea, right?

As per a press release that was issued last week by FIRST, I don’t believe that they have finalized a date or venue for the event yet.

Please post something if you folks have an idea? 3 of our 4 Hawaii veteran teams plan to attend. We are the only one who probably wont. We want to go to the FL super-regional next year and Colorado too!:smiley: :smiley:

As soon as I know anything that’s fit for public consumption, I’ll share it. I don’t know anything particularly privileged, in any case, but I wouldn’t want to undermine the work of the people at FIRST and Microsoft who’re trying to organize the event.

maybe we can visit your program and school? We will be there in Portland and Seattle this weekend racing electric cars at the PIR.
We also plan on visiting the Wilsonville Robotics team since we go there every year…:smiley: