Seattle Regional

To everyone who made the Seattle Regional outstanding, the Gila Monsters say thank you. It was one of the best regionals we have been to in our five years. Thank you!

Woody, you were your usual outstanding self.

Dean, please stop by pit 64 in Orlando. Some one smudged your autograph.

Thank you everyone, once again.

Ken Loyd

We had a great time in Seattle. The rookie teams were awesome.

Congratulations to the teams 383, 753 and 833. The Brazilian Machine was awesome.

Ditto on the congrats to all the winning teams, you guys were awesome!

Despite our run-in with tons of bad luck, our team had a great time, in large part to the really nice teams up there. Coincidently, two of our personal fav teams had members post in this thread.

To the GilaMonsters (and our other 2nd seed aliance partners 473)- Incase nobody on our team told you after the semifinals because we were just so sad, something weird happened in the control booth. Our pneumatics didn’t work to get our robot up from squatting position but when we got back to the pit and tested it on the tether it worked perfectly. A few teams also had trouble in the same spot during finals (like 22) but oh well what can you do. We just wanted to explain because we felt so bad for our partners. You guys had awesome robots and we glad we got to work with you.

And then to 159- you guys rock and were so incredible nice to us. Loved the ram horns and the band, you definately deserved the chairmans award.

Well our team is off now preparing for LA, thanks to all the teams that made us feel welcome in gloomy Seattle, we had an awesome time and learned a lot!

Seattle was a very exciting regional, maybe the best one I’ve ever been; the rookie teams really showed us some gracious professionalism and technical expertise, I saw very few matches were robots wouldn’t move. Also, thanks to everyone who cheered for our team, I dedicate our trophy to you guys! :smiley:


Your team has a great machine, I liked how it could grab and hold onto two goals. We actually had your team on the top of our list for alliance partners. Good luck in LA.

Hope to see all of you next year.

Team 159