Second Annual Laser Quest Lock-in!

Need to relieve some post-VCU stress? How about getting back at that one team member who gave you the Norwalk virus? Well, Team 422 has a solution. Shoot people.

Come one, come all to the second annual Laser Quest Lock-in! Team 422 hosted this team social last year with about 30 people attending, and it was lots of fun. It’s a great way to meet new people on FIRST teams, relieve stress, and just have fun before Championships or before truly going back to school after FIRST. We played Lasertag in the arena all night long, and even in the parking lot outside!

We will be hosting the Lock-in again on April 3rd-4th, 11 PM to 5 AM. That’s right, 6 hours of late night continuous Lasertag, fueled by Mountain Dew injections every 15 minutes :wink: . We’ve done everything from a massive free-for-all, to team grudgematches (bring it, Sparky), to king of the hill.

We’ll be playing in the Laser Quest arena in Midlothian, Virginia (889 Research Road). Let me know if you’re interested!

Oh, and the price for the night (for 6 hours of Laser Quest!) is only $30!

Well, just in case anyone’s curious, LaserQuest has been officially cancelled. Nobody expressed interest (in our team, either :slight_smile: ), oh well.

This idea may stil be feasable. I personally don’t think the even was publicised well enough. Sure, I saw that big stack of fliers at regionals, but I never saw anyone passing them out. That was all I ever saw of it, since I was still unaware of the existence of our yahoogroups page and this forum.

All I’m saying is that we can still try again. We don’t have to make it a full fledged lock-in or anything, we could just go for an afternoon or evening or something, with the added plus that we won’t sleep through the next week.

I never heard of it until now. But if I had known… I haven’t played in a real LQ arena in years. Looking forward to the idea of an all-FIRST match.