second camera

I have a question how would we have to hook a second camera up and send what it sees imeediatly to a tv?Without breaking the rules of course.

The discussion is over here in Electrical:

no what i mean is how can u hook it up to a tv so you can watch what’s happening.

Sorry, I read too quickly.
I don’t know an easy way short of a converter circuit to make the NTSC camera signal directly compatible with a TV input.

Note: If you are asking how to do this during competition, that’s an easier answer. No, it’s technically not practical to send wireless photos to a TV during competition. The only legal wireless transmission from the robot is too slow for anything like this. You might be able to get one photo from the beginning of the match sometime after the match ends.

:ahh: O.K now how do you do that this is my first year trying this so i don’t know.

Isn’t NTSC the format for standard RCA (At least on this contenent)? If so, then I think you could wire a 2-pin connector to an RCA plug and plug it into a TV.

(I have very little expieriance in this, so correct me if I’m wrong.)

But would the wire get in the way of the robot during the game?

Adding a live video camera to your robot, and having it provide real-time video that can be displayed on a standard television is very straightforward. It is also FIRST legal (within certain limits). Several teams have done it in the past.

Get a 2GHz-band video camera and transmitter. The one that I have used is the X-10 XCam2 remote camera kit, which sells for less than $80. The camera module connects to a 12 volt power supply. Clip the power lead, and connect it to your robot power system (which is - yippee - 12 volts!). Connect the received unit to a TV, turn to Channel 2 or 3 (switch settable), and away you go. You get to see the world from the robots point of view!

Now for the “certain limits.” If you are going to use the camera during a competition, you must clear it with FIRST (see Rule <R94>). Also, you will not be allowed to display the video at the Alliance Control Station. FIRST may receive the transmitted video at the scoring table, and pipe it on to the “Jumbotron” for all the teams and audience to see, but you will not be able to use it just for a competitive advantage for your team.