Second Generation?

After listening to Mr. Kamen’s speech Friday at Smokey Mountain, I was wondering after 20 years is there any second generation student in First FRC?

It looks like there may not be any second generation students in FRC yet. I was just wondering when we may hear some student say my grandmother competed on Einstein back in ____.

It seems very unlikely to already have a second generation. 20 years means the alumni from around 1992 must have a kid when he was about 22 years old unless he is taking care of a kid from adoption or some other means.

We have +/- 5 years before that happens.

However, I can’t wait until we start seeing Dean’s List/WFA Award Combo Winners. What a way to know FIRST is working down to such an individual level!

If it’s about 5 years until we see 2nd generation FRC’ers, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were already 2nd generation FIRSTers in JrFLL/FLL.

Not necessarily, since FIRST has been around for 20 years, and we assume that there was an 18 year old senior on a team it’s initial year. Said senior then waited until he was 24 to have a kid, that child could now be 14. This would mean that the kid is now a freshman in high-school. It is plausible that there could be a “Second Generation” around now on an FRC team. I don’t think that it will even have to take another 5 years, we could start seeing them anytime now. It just depends on the student’s experiences, their current locations, student interest, etc… There are a lot of factors to think about, but the numbers show that we could theoretically see one soon!

This may not be in the way you mean…but my family has 3 generations in FIRST. My parents have been judges at both the Regional and World level for over 12 years. I am a team mom and all three of my kids were students on the team. Now my son is a mentor on the same team while my youngest is still a student.

When we start seeing the number of second generation student increase does it match the growth of First from the start? This should be a good gauge that shows we are heading in the right direction.

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Just wanted to say that Team Mean Machine 2471 has some second generation students.
We got two freshman this year who’s father was a student on the X-Cats in 1992.

Are these the first true second generation FRC students?

I’m curious to here if there are any others that the chief delphi community knows about.

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That’s awesome! Also, that lines up pretty well with what the earlier posters in this thread guessed.

This is the FIRST I have heard of this. I know some former students from 1992 (and other early year) teams, but none have kids on FRC or FTC teams yet.

This is cool.

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We have +/- 5 years before that happens.[/quote]

Wow, Wil was right.

Sorry to bust your bubble but this is from a thread called FIRST Babies back in 2014

It would be great info if FIRST would have a section in stims if parents have FIRST experience.:smiley:

Now that’s a statement you don’t see very often.

Wicked cool that second generation FIRSTers walk among us. Now onward to await the Dean’s List + WFFA in a few more years. (Or a lot of more years…)