Second Regional and Championship Registration

Hey all,

We somehow managed to register to the Championship using TIMS at 11:55 AM (don’t know how) and, after we did, I couldn’t see the “Add an event” button to register for our second regional.
The TIMS is now giving me an error when I try to access the team page. Not that it really matter, considering the hard spot (Atlanta) is already secured, and our second regional (Brazilian) will certainly have a spot for us anyway, but just wondering how’s it working for the other teams.


Appears to have crashed

Yeah, I definately can’t get in either. Grrrr, the person who registered for regional 1 got in and out and over with…

us too. i can log on but once i click on add event, it crashes. sent the requested email, guess we just keep trying and/or wait and see.

good luck to all teams (in the competition and the registration process)

And its down… well at least the first regional registration went better this year :slight_smile:

I was in TIMS at 11:45 and just kept playing to keep it refreshed. Got booted at 12:01, got back in got some awesome errors of too many entries in the database, kept logging out and back in, and finally got this:
“This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. (my)”

I got back to the login page and now its telling me Im already logged in.

Oh well… I guess its time to go to lunch and hope that we can still get in!

On a side note (im electrical, not great with databases) are there web based databases that can easily handle 1000 simultaneous users?

I just got into the Add Event page and the first event (UTC) I had registered for was deleted as well as not letting me add another. :confused:

Yeah it did that to me too… I think what is happening is the database is overloading… and I dont think it actually erased any data… but its definitely hiccuping all over the place.

Time to take a lunch break… come back later! No use in hammering it anymore.

Yeah, I’m not even getting an add event button. Though I did get something other than a “service not available” page a minute ago

man i was praising the first event registration…back to the usual i guess…

Brandon… Kick the server again :wink:

There’s nothing better than putting all of the day’s plans on hold while waiting for the FIRST registration system to work.

This service is temporarily unavailable. We are aware and are working on it. Please try again later. (my)

Got a new one:

"We apologize, but TIMS is briefly down for maintenance. Please check back in a little while. "

Somebody want to register for me? I’ve got a gymnastics meet to go to after work.

I clicked on “agree to terms” … crash. I think I killed the server. :wink:

Rees, you screwed up AGAIN! haha. :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

That’s it…I’m changing Rosie’s second registration from Boston wait list to Finger Lakes and coming out to get you for making my afternoon frustrating… :eek:

So my plan to get more teams at the FLR is working…

rees you can get them here with ur crazy plan, but the FLR event will keep them coming back! :smiley:

Wish I could put stuff on hold… I only have until about 4pm, then we have Ruckus all weekend… not even sure when I will be able to get to internet!! :ahh:

I have nothing to do with the FRC Registration system.