Second Robotics Competition - Ladder Season 2

Tonight marks the start of our second season of competitive leagues featuring weekly promotion and relegation.

Week One Schedule:
Division 1 - Monday 11:15 PM ET
Division 2 - Tuesday 8:15 PM ET
Division 3 - Friday 8:00 PM ET
Division 4 - Friday 9:30 PM ET
Division 5 - Tuesday 9:30 PM ET
Division 6 - Wednesday 7:30 PM ET

Come check us out at any of the scheduled times at Twitch

The up to date leader board is here.

You can join the multiplayer sim discord here.

Check out some of the fun moments from the past few months here


Can I sign up late?

Yes! For those curious, late signups are welcome but you start at the bottom of the ladder.

Except labib because you’re already signed up :slight_smile:

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