Secondary client-side scripts (Python)

Am I allowed to use secondary scripts in other programming languages on the Drive Station computer?

I want to run a Python script that processes computer vision input and then sends data back to the robot code. Is there any rule against this or anything preventing me from doing it in a competition, such as certain types of requests not being able to be sent to the robot or a software that prevents other scripts from running?

Yes this is legal. There are restrictions on what network ports can be used to communicate with the robot—see R704 in the game manual for details. You can test this by checking the “firewall” box on the radio and connecting wirelessly. The DS software does take control of the joysticks, but there are no other restrictions on what software you run on the computer (there are rules restricting what you can do with the camera on the computer during auto mode, e.g. you can’t use the camera on the computer as a way for drivers to signal the robot to do something during auto, but I don’t think that’s what you’re thinking about).

Note you may find that while this is legal, it’s not all that useful, due to network latency being higher to send to the DS than keeping that data local on the robot, and bandwidth limitations on the wireless link as well.


Do these scripts that run on the client fall under the rule R303? It’s not technically “ROBOT” software.