secondary development computer

does anyone know how to send code to the robot through a computer that is not the classmate pc?

I installed all the development software for java + the driver station software on my laptop yesterday. I didn’t have the possibility to actually connect it to the cRIO, but developing programs works.
This moning I started wrting a manual, but I am not completly sure if I wrote the steps down in the right order or if the order matters in the first place.
Here is what I wrote untill now:

How to set up your (Java) Development Computer for FRC 2010
Install the following Programs:
FIRST Robotics Software 2010 - Windows - LabVIEW & NI Utilities: “FRC cRIO imaging tool” + “Setup Axis Camera” from
FIRST Robotics Software 2010 - Windows - Driver Station: “FRC Dashboard” + “FRC Driver Station” from
Java SE Development Kit 6u18 from
NetBeans Java IDE from
Install NetBeans FRC plugins:
Add the following URL to the NetBeans plugin paths:
Install all the available plugins from the aforementioned source

Install LabVIEW for FRC on the development computer. Run the mandatory LabVIEW update. Set the IP address on the computer to something compatible with your cRIO’s address ( is probably a good choice for Team 219). Connect it to your router. Follow the regular procedure for building and deploying LabVIEW programs.

Plug (or use wireless for Classmate) both the classmate and the other computer into the router (not the wireless bridge that goes on the robot). Make sure the Classmate is running the DS software or your code won’t run. Be sure to configure All IP addresses properly.

After that all should work.
Good Luck!

Edit: Oops, Alan beat me to it.