Secret Book of FRC LabVIEW (and control logic) version 2.07

Hello everyone

Here is a link to version 2.07 of The Secret Book of FRC LabVIEW

This book is intended to provide an introduction to LabVIEW, and a lot of information about control system logic design, architecture, and a lot more.

If your team doesn’t use LabVIEW, this book contains a lot of control logic related items that may be useful to you as well.

The original book dates back to 2014. This version has been updated for the NI roboRIO, and also contains a number of new chapters. Here are the chapters:

Chapter 1 — Elements of LabVIEW Programming
Chapter 2 — Time and Timing
Chapter 3 – State Machines
Chapter 4 — Introduction to the NI roboRIO
Chapter 5 — The Robot Framework
Chapter 6 — Input and Output
Chapter 7 — Position Control
Chapter 8 — PID Control
Chapter 9 — Code Development and Testing
Chapter 10 — Image Processing
Chapter 11 — The Dashboard

I’m not the original author of this book. I contacted him and he graciously agreed to send me the original files and permit me to make this revision.

There is still work to be done. The Image Processing and Dashboard chapters could still use some revision.

If you see any bugs in the book, or have suggestions, please feel let me know.

Jim Simpson
mentor, team 4150 FRobotics


Thanks for all the work you put into this @JSIMPSO!

If you want to simulate your robot and deploy to your robot, I added a sample FRC 2020 project to the repository pointed to in the link above. This project combines the standard arcade robot with the shooter simulation robot and field. A robot can be programmed and tested in the simulation, as long as the I/O match the simulated robot (PWM, DIO, AI).

Someone on the NI forum asked about how this project was created. It is essentially a squish of the robot arcade template and the shooter simulation. A more detailed response is here.


Thanks for sharing. I am a mentor of Team 6947 and 8020 and have read your 1.0 book. It really helps to understand more on FRC Robot framework.


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