Secret Book of FRC Labview Version 2

Hello everyone. Over the years I’ve found that the original Secret Book of FRC Labview has been a great resource for teach LabVIew and robot control system concepts. After contacting the original author who’s professional career has taken him away from FRC robotics, with his agreement, I’ve undertaken a revision to make it more current and to add some additional topics I’ve found useful in robotics.

I’m wondering if anyone would be willing to help me proof read the revised draft before I make it available for others to use. If you have interest, please message me directly.

Currently revision 2.00 will probably not yet contain updates for the Vision or Dashboard section. I’ll update those as time permits, but I wanted to get revision out to people for use as soon as I could.

Jim Simpson

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This is a fabulous task, @JSIMPSO. I will contact you directly as requested to aid with a review.

FYI @tylerhedge


Hello! I’m Gabriel, team member of team 1156 Under Control. We are so happy about this news! Since released, we’ve been using the first version of TSBoL as a resource while teaching Labview to our new programmers and last year, as you know, we translated it to our native language (portuguese). We would be glad to help you this time, assisting the development. I’ll send you a DM to contact you!

Gabriel, 1156


I finally posted a “released” version of the book, version 2.07 here.

There is still some work to be done on the Dashboard and Image chapters…

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this post has a little more information about the new version of the book…

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