Secret passage question

What does this actually mean as it confuses me?

3.4.6. Robot to Robot interaction
G20 Robots may only enter or exit their opponents secret passage from/to the opponents courtyard.

Does it mean you can’t enter secret passage from neutral zone?
Can you go from courtyard to secret passage to neutral zone?


For your first question:
No, you may not enter your opponent’s Secret Passage from the neutral zone. However, you may enter your own Secret Passage from the neutral zone.
For your second question:
You may not go from your opponent’s Secret Passage to the neutral zone. However, you may for your own secret passage.

To sum it up: you can go in your Secret Passage anytime, but may only enter or exit your opponent’s secret passage through your opppnents courtyard.

Simplest way I can explain it:

From their courtyard you can enter at will their secret passage but can not exit it into neutral and you high risk being fouled by any touch of their bots while your bot parts are contacting carpet in their SP.

You cannot use their SP to enter their courtyard from neutral.

So unless you are playing a risky defensive strategy the opponents SP is just for accidental entry. I have a feeling most teams will treat it as a no go driving zone, except for possible boulder entry blocking/stealing most likely from their courtyard for some aggressive defensive teams or possible offensive acquisition.

It means that if you are going to enter your opponents’ secret passage (the one connected to the castle where you are scoring boulders), you may only do so from their courtyard. The same goes for exiting. This rule is designed so that robots cannot avoid the defenses in order to score boulders. You may not use their secret passage to go to the neutral zone.

However, you may go in and out of your secret passage wherever you please.

Thanks. I think it should be a no drive zone as well but wasn’t positive if I was reading it correctly or not.