Section 4.3.6 <R23> and <R24>

Regarding these sections and rules in the ‘Robot’ section of the rule book, <R23> makes it sound as if teams can not bring fabricated parts or modules with them into the competition center if it was designed POST shipment. HOWEVER, <R24> makes it sound as if teams MAY fabricate items and bring them with. If a new design was decided upon by team members POST ship date, an example being a mechanical arm, can the teams use this new arm even though the robot is already shipped? Now, although <R33> says that teams may bring up to 30 pounds of extra parts, I find that <R23> and <R33> contradict one another.

<R23> During the BUILD SEASON, teams are to design and fabricate all the COMPONENTS and MECHANISMS required to complete their ROBOT. When the ROBOT shipment deadline arrives, all work on the ROBOT must cease and the ROBOT must be placed in a “hands-off” condition. The entire ROBOT (including all FABRICATED ITEMS intended for use during the competition in alternative configurations of the ROBOT) must be crated or bagged (as appropriate for your event), and out of team hands by the shipment deadline specified in the FRC Administrative Manual, Section 5 (with the exception of the items covered by the WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE).

<R24> During the period between ship date and the competitions, all teams may manufacture SPARE, REPLACEMENT, and UPGRADE PARTS, and develop software for their ROBOT at their home facility. Teams may continue development of any items retained under the WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE during this period, and then bring them to the competition events.

<R33> Teams may bring a maximum of 30 pounds of custom FABRICATED ITEMS (SPARE
PARTS, REPLACEMENT PARTS, and UPGRADE PARTS, plus all WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE items) to each competition event to be used to repair and/or upgrade their ROBOT at the competition site. All other FABRICATED ITEMS to be used on the ROBOT during the competition shall arrive at the competition venue packed in the shipping crate or lockout bag with the ROBOT.
There are two exceptions to this rule:
A. the OPERATOR CONSOLE is not included in the incoming parts weight restriction,
B. the MINIBOT is not included in the incoming parts weights restriction, and
C. any competition legal12V batteries and their associated half of the Anderson cable quick connect/disconnect pair (including no more than 12" of cable per leg, the associated cable lugs, connecting bolts, and insulating electrical tape) are not
included in the incoming parts weight restriction.

If it is a replacement, spare, or upgrade part, yes. If it is none of the above, no.

The Game Manual Section 1 has the definitions of replacement, spare, and upgrade.

you can bring fabricated parts to the competition. they are saying that you cant take the robot apart and leave the stuff out just to work on it. if they didnt have this rule people would take majority of the robot apart to work on it. they want you to leave your robot in the bag but you can create and fabricate upgrade parts for your robot

Ok, thank you, I was put in charge of the rule book section for the robot and have not had a chance to speak to one of the people responsible for section one.

Do you have to ship your Minibot with your robot or can you take it up to competition with you?

There is a reason that the Minibot is specifically excluded from the Withholding Allowance weight count, along with the control board and the batteries.

That reason is so you can bring it with you.

What make this not allowed?