Sector line shot

We put our shooter prototype at the sector line distance and gave it a go tonight.


That’s insane. What is your setup?

Hood Material? (If hooded)


I agree. This is crazy impressive.

I too would love specs but wouldn’t be surprised if they are reluctant to release them (which I am okay with, as they have a right not to).

Guess i got a new regional to keep my eye on week 2…


I will say that it uses two Falcon motors, and two of these wheels.


imagine with the official power port…
didn’t know those balls reflected that much

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This is with only basic PID control on the flywheel. No vision at all. The shooter is literally cargo strapped to a KOP tote and a furniture dolly. I believe a lot of the inconsistency is do to the students hand loading the shooter.

That’s even more impressive.
Weren’t some balls bouncing straight out because of the 2x4

I think so, but did not see it first hand.

Is there an inertial flywheel or are you relying on the falcon torque to get back to speed?

What RPM is the flywheel running at?

I guess we have to use 3 Falcons for our shooter now

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Are you willing to give any more information? Such as if your shooter is hooded and just using 2 wheels, or if the wheels are positioned linearly with one another, either horizontally or vertically. Thanks!

Someone notify McMaster to start an order…

Yeah, though I’d tell most people to just use 4 inch andymark stealth wheels in 60A because they have hex bore.

You can take a look at ours. It has a similar range and scoring rate.

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If you are looking for a jumping off point for your design we have all of out spec on here. We were testing at 48’ with a 8/10 score rate.
4738 Build thread

Nice work. I am curious on the rule for the balls that bounce in and out of the goal. Do they count in scoring and then you can pick them up again and score them again?

Power cells have to pass through exits to be recorded by sensors and count as scored, as per 4.4.1