Securing a bagged robot in the crate

Does anyone who went to a traditional regional after a bag-and-tag regional last year have any tips for securing a bagged robot in the crate? Our traditional method won’t work on a bagged robot.

we have eye bolts mounted inside of our crate and use straps to cross over the robot to hold it in place.

Too bad we didnt take pictures of our robot prior to closing up the crate.
We bag ours always similar to that of a bag and tag event.

We use eyebolts and tie-straps to hold all sections of the frame via wraparounds.

That’s a very good question… something we’re going to have to think about over the next few weeks.

We crated our robot for the trip up to Duluth last night, but will have to bag it before putting it in the crate so it can come back to us and be taken to North Star.

Is there a problem with putting a few small holes in the bag? We currently have our robot mounted to the bottom of our crate with 4 bolts going through the frame… If we could shove those bolts through the bag we’d be fine mounting it this way for the return trip.