Securing the Jetson TX1

My team just got (have not received yet though) a Jetson TX1 from First Choice and I’m trying to figure out a case design to protect it. What types of cases have people made for theirs? or even their TK1s? I know it depends on the robot, but how are teams mounting it to their robot? Like location, orientation and just methods. I saw 900s case but I wanted to see what other people were doing. Thanks.

You ain’t seen nothing yet:

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EDIT: Serious reply: It’s a Mini-ITX form factor so you can just use any Mini-ITX mounting setup and it’ll work.

By any chance do you have a picture of the final product? I believe I have only seen the render online, not the actual product.

Thingiverse has the old version. New version is going to have to wait.

Seriously, there are tons of options:

Also, it comes mounted on a black plastic board thing as it is. You can pretty much run it on the robot without a case by velcro-ing that board down.

I suppose you’ll want to know about powering it too. Buy one of these and save yourself a lot of headache:

Also of note, this system uses a 19V adapter out of the box but will run on 12V. IF YOU PLUG THAT 19V ADAPTER INTO YOUR OLDER TK1 (Notice I said TK1 and not TX1) THEN YOUR TK1 WILL GO BOOM.

I would just 3d Print a case.