Securing tread to Vexpro Traction wheels

We just received traction wheels and tread from vexpro and are confused on how they are supposed to be attached together. Any help wold be appreciated.

I believe you are supposed to drill and rivet the tread to the wheel. The design may have changed since I last used these, though.

We use the drill and rivet method and have yet to find another feasible way of attaching the tread to also take off once its’ worn.

OK, thank you.

I’ve used these wheels for years but we’ve been a heck of a time getting them to rivet correctly this year. Not sure if Vex made the material thicker or what but it seems like none of our rivets get a proper fit, and it’s virtually impossible to find longer rivets that have wide enough heads… =/

Are you referring to these 4" wheels (or the 6" version)?

Older designs required riveting treads on. Do these?