Security at Nationals

FIRST Robotics Competition Championship
Security Issues

FIRST has received many inquiries about security arrangements for the Championship in Houston. We have been working closely with staff from the Reliant Park as well as applicable Federal agencies to develop appropriate security for the event.

All teams and participants will be subject to the search of robot crates, toolboxes, backpacks and purses while entering the facility. The searches will also occur randomly during the entire event. You should limit the number of all packages and minimize the size in order to facilitate these searches. Bringing large packs into the facility will impede the progress of everyone. We ask your cooperation if you are selected to be searched.

Teams from outside the U.S. will be required to provide a list of all adults and students traveling with the team. Please have this list prepared before you depart for Houston and submit in advance to [email protected].

The two buildings we are using are very large and we will not be using all spaces. You should not go into areas other than those designated for our event or you will be subject to search.

We will continue to review security arrangements as the event approaches to make changes as required to provide for the safety of all participants.

Bob Hammond
Director, Robotics Competition

I hope this is really motivated by a security concern. I’m sure the rule about letting FIRST know who is coming in from outside the US is because there is a lot of concern about such things. Possibly over concern in the case of FIRST people but with the general worry in the country dotting all the eyes and crossing all the teas is worth doing. But all the searching? I can’t help (after the fuss over food at many regionals) but wonder if some of it is about the food. Guess I’m just getting suspicious myself.