Security Restrictions of the Chesapeake Regional

FIRST has recently just released a notice to all people attending the Chesapeake Regional.


  • All things are subject to inspection, including your car

*Parking will be at a remote location

*Entering and Exiting is a pain

  • ID’s are necessary at all times

Trust me I know what security inspections can be a major pain. A couple of times, I was hold for as much as 45 minutes, for stupid reasons like guards misplacing information. But at the same time, our nation is in conflict and there maybe some individuals who would like to hurt it.
This shouldn’t deter people from having fun like they always have. But I must warn you. Don’t misbehave or do something stupid like jump a security post. You can get in big trouble, your team, and FIRST. And they will likely won’t host it again next year. Just follow procedures, and I think you will be all right.
I wish I could attend this regional, because my team’s sponsor directly helps build things for the Navy.

As a Navy brat, I can tell you:
Do not mess with the SP(Shore Patrol), it only leads to pain.

As someone familar with entering and leaving the Academy getting on base by foot should be easy through Gate 1.

Here is the Academy Guidelines for the latest Information on USNA Security and Access.

If you do not have a DoD sticker on your car, you are not driving on base.
If you do not have proper ID, the SP will say tough love, and not permit access.

I am looking for a map of the Yard online with gates marked, will update when I find one with which ones are accessable to the public.

There is also a really good place to eat called Chick and Ruth’s that has been there forever, and is only a 5-10 minute walk.


Winamp 3 sucks.
Navy brat

Looks like 20 teams are already signed up (including MOE, btw, I don’t recomend bringing the blocks :wink: ).

I’m really anxious to see photo’s from this regional along with some streaming video.

Well consdering I spend most of my summer sitting on an Amry base watching guys run by in their PT uniforms (wink wink), I can tell you the army isn’t any better with gaining acsess to anything. I even got carded on the Fourth of July for the fire works display, at the swimming pool, and everytime I went on or off base. The sticker thing goes for army as well…thankfully I didn’t have to deal with that much. It’s amazing how much time it takes them to look at a picture and say yeah that is you and let you through. AT the Fourth Of July thingie one guy was sitting there talking to another guy about how old I was…Just give me back my ID dang-it. Well, my uncle wasn’t happy and in no uncertain terms told them they had better give me my ID back and that I was 18 and that if they come near me he would write them up. I don’t know much about military or whatever, but he’s a chief warrent officer incharge of a motor pool area, so I guess he has rank over them. I dunno…I seriously would love to be there cheering MOE on, but my team will be gearing up for our own regionals. Good luck to everyone that is going and can’t wait to watch on TV!!

haha…leave the sticks at home?? No way. The sticks will be there.


hmmmmmm… lets see…moe sticks on a base…welllll… maybe… if you want to stay within the good graces of everyone… DONT BRING THEM…(but then how can you get team spirit!?)